There’s a fluidity to artist Roberto Munguia’s new paintings. They feel otherworldly like maps to uncharted territories….  Lauren Smart=The Dallas Observer

The manifestation of Roberto Munguia’s creativity at the Mexican Museum defies categorization. The work reveals childlike enthusiasm and inventiveness while at the same time functioning as sophisticated decorative wall objects.
Phyllis Bragdon- The California Independent Journal

Munguia has given his art greater complexity…(he) has created a stronger feeling for the object, but still remains a painter.
Robert Raczka- Texas Arts Revue

A burgeoning regional talent whose dynamic works make an immediate impression on the observer, Roberto Munguia has moved …toward a more abstract format. He has a particularly keen sense of color and form, and is one of the city’s most talented artists.
Janet Kutner- Dallas Morning News

These works reflect a quiet and solid sensibility.
Suzanne Akhtar- Ft Worth Star Telegram

Mr. Munguia’s greatest asset is his sense of color.
Mike Daniel- Dallas Morning News

Munguia’s abstract compositions contain shapes and patterns rendered in rich, vibrant colors that often evoke the shimmering space and light of mosaics.

Roberto Munguia’s odd-shaped paper constructions are brightly painted…there is an energy in them that is barely constrained by their context appearing on the verge of flight or explosion with the promise to carry the viewer along.
Patricia Johnson- Houston Chronicle

Whether abstract or figurative, worked in oils or graphite, Munguia’s art is distinguished by an unfailing balance of extravagance and control.
Charles Dee Mitchell- Dallas Observer

Continual exploration and varied experimentation with the possibilities of paper as a primary expressive medium define the work of Roberto Munguia. Sensual and luxuriant with a muted iridescent splendor, the elegant and diaphanous paper constructions sustain a controlled and subtle decorative impulse.
Tomas Ybarra Frausto- The Mexican Museum

A pairing of opposites- that of childlike simplicity and sophisticated elegance- coexist in easy harmony in the work of Roberto Munguia.
Vitality Magazine

Munguia’s work possesses a subtle spirituality all its own.
Janet Tyson- Ft Worth Star Telegram